Groepslessen workout studio
Sportschool & Personal training studio Amsterdam Oost en Zuid

Best Classes in Amsterdam South / West and East!

    • Small Group Personal Training - max 5 persons

      • Our secret weapon: Personal as a personal training, but for a fraction of the price!

      • The personal trainer will guide you personally with the right exercises for your goal.

      • Technically, the trainer teaches you why you perform which exercises in the right way.

      • In this class you REALLY learn how to train!

    • Kracht - Strength building

      • Learn technical strength training.

      • In this lesson we teach you how to perform heavy strength exercises safely and effectively.

      • Think of a back squat, bench press, chin-ups, deadlifts and much more!

      • Vitality, Strength, Muscle Development and Growth all come together here.

    • WOD (Workout Of The Day)

      • train your biggest muscle groups on the edge of your level?

      • At full intensity we challenge you to give EVERYTHING.

      • HIIT Style oriented WOD workout where no drop of sweat is spared.

      • Do you dare?

    • BBB (Booty, Core, Legs)

      • Do you want irresistible legs? That booty you've always wanted and a belly you're proud of?

      • This lesson is completely focused on this.

      • Go for that perfect shaped body!

      • So.. Optimally develop your lower body? Then you have to try this class.

    • Circuit Training (Full-Body)

      • Great full-body workout in which you are challenged both physically and mentally at your level.

      • Functional strength exercises and HIIT exercises alternate.

      • Increase your metabolism, improve your condition, get stronger and get a nice slim and athletic body!

      • And this in a super fun, motivating way.

      • From beginner to advanced. Anyone can undergo a body metamorphosis with this workout!