Prijzen sportschool Amsterdam Oost en Zuid.
Sportschool & Personal training studio Amsterdam Oost en Zuid

8 Weeks Personal Training Program

In 8 weeks:

  • Every week one time a solo personal training?


  • completely customised diët + workout plan?


  • measurable result that last a lifetime?


  • Wanna feel great in your own body? Ones and forever!



The focus completely on YOU!

    • Workout 3 times a week!

      One of the workouts is a solo personal training.

    • Every week personal feedback about your diët and results!

      So we know for sure that you are on the right track

    • Together we build your new, sustainable lifestyle!

      In 8 weeks as close as possible to your ideal lifestyle for results.

    • We give you 100% of our effort!

      We are 100% committed to your result. When we get back 80% of your effort, results are guaranteed!

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    • 8 Times one on one Personal Training t.w.v. 520,-

      Workout every week under the supervision of your personal trainer

    • Two to four small group workouts t.w.v. 100,-

      Guided by A-Class trainers and therefore suited for every level.

    • Nutrition + Training Plan t.w.v. 50,-

      Personally tailored!

    • 4 times a fat measurements t.w.v. 50,-

      Get a boost every time when you see your result!

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